WIN a pair of Phog Phest Tickets!


We all know you are going anyway, and now here is your chance to gain access to the ”vip” area for the same price as the ”free” area!

Just enter your name & email in the comments and we will anounce a winner in a few days!



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23 responses to “WIN a pair of Phog Phest Tickets!

  1. Bev Anger

    pick me!!

  2. Bev Anger

    oh I didn’t realize we had to put our email in the body of the message, sorry-
    beverleyanger @

  3. Linda Gatt

    *fingers crossed* :)

  4. walter petrichyn

    the shows gonna be great!

  5. Jonathan Nehmetallah

    ME ME ME

    Jon Nehmetallah

    john.nehmetallah at

  6. OH! OH PICK ME!
    nicole drouillard
    third_timesacharm at hotmail . com

  7. John DeMarco

    John DeMarco

  8. michaelhargreaves

    Mike Hargreaves

    **i know i’m playing, but I have some friends who’d love some tickets.”

  9. christian clarkson

    i’m all about the V.I.P.

  10. Josh Ducharme

    Love Holy Fuck…caught Arkells last week in Wiarton, smokin hot band

  11. Richard Harvey

    i need to win…

  12. robert raymond

    robert raymond

  13. Angie Chappus

    fantastic line up!

  14. Pick me, pick me, pick me….wait a minute…this is random, right? Pick me anyway. Thanx! Promises to be an extraordinary night. Lots of musicians will be wandering the streets of Windsor that’s for sure.

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