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With Windsor establishments gaining national accolades recently and the city the focus of some international attention, WAMM is giving you the reader the chance to recognize your favourite Windsor spots as the best our city has to offer. Give props to your amazing hairdresser, and shout out the curry that makes your eyes water. Tell us where you buy your bread and where you spend it. Give kudos to comic shops, and big ups to blogs. In short, share your picks for the best everything of Windsor with WAMM in our annual reader’s survey. Vote now, click the link below and make sure your favourites take home the titles of the best in Windsor.

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survey now…

[closes August 21st 2009]


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Your Phog Phest guide!

Congratulations to Terry Lusk, who has won a pair of tickets to Phog Phest!

Phog Phest is this Saturday and whether who’ve won, bought or stolen tickets or you are planning of steaking out a spot in the free areas you are going. Some of you are planning on staying 13 hours, while others plan to show for a limited portion of the day, either way we present…

The subject to change, times are not guaranteed, 100% unofficial, Phog Phest guide!

Ron Leary & Kelly Hoppe | 1:00pm main stage

Square Root of Margret | 1:30pm main stage

(WH)Y.M.E.(??) | 2:00pm phog stage

Eric Welton Band | 2:30pm phog stage

Tara Watts Band | 3:00pm phog stage

ASK | 3:30pm phog stage

James O-L & the Villains | 4:00pm phog stage

The Locusts Have No King | 4:30pm phog stage

Yellow Wood | 5:00pm main stage

Green Go | 5:30 main stage

Arkells | 6:15pm main stage 

Holy Fuck | 7:00pm main stage

Michou | 8:30pm phog stage

Pat Robitaille | 9:00pm mainstage

Megan Hamilton and The Volunteer Canola | 9:00pm phog stage

Field Assembly | 10:00pm main stage

Peace Leeches | 10:30 phog stage

The Kramdens | 11:00pm main stage

Orphan Choir | 11:30pm phog stage

Fjord Rowboat | 12:00pm main stage

The Pack AD | 12:30am main stage

Citywide Vacuum | 1:00am phog stage

What Seas, What Shores | 1:30am phog stage

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