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WAMM & CJAM prestent Tara Watts!


WAMM & CJAM are proud to present the album launch fo Tara Watts debut CD.  Featuring music by 87 Things for the Future, The Locusts Have No King and Tara Watts for the first time with a full band includuing the infamous Johnny West, her brother Brendan Watts and ASK’s Chad Howson.

Doors open at 9pm and a live brocast of the evening begins at 11pm on CJAM 91.5fm &

Come and usher in spring with the enigmatic sounds of Windsor’s Tara Watts!


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WAMM’s 1st Anniversary Party & Video Screening


  • WAMM’s 1st anniversary party!
  • The launch of our April issue!
  • The screening of the entries for the WAMM music video contest! (The announcement of the Winner of said contest!)
  • Cheap pints!
  • Music & more!

Come and celebrate WAMM’s birthday with us!

Further details here…

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2+ Two for the Cascade

A full length, unedited version of the interview which appears in the March 2009 issue of WAMM


Jamie Greer

Several years ago, two people fell in love. Now this sort of thing happens every day, but these two people fell in love, stayed in love and got married. Somewhere along the way, a band happened. The people in question are Kevin Buckridan, owner of the sorely missed Carhole Tavern, local photographer, and occasionally seen musician in What Heart with Lee Gaul, and Stefanie Zaccagnini, a young teacher who moonlighted in a cover band called Red Locust Frenzy. After joining as a couple, the two managed to do what very few couples have been able to pull off and maintain – make music together…literally. Combining their influences and ears for great music, Buckridan combined his dark melancholy with the spritely joy of Zaccagnini and thus Two For The Cascade was born.

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See WSO’s Brahms Requiem (tomorow night) on us!

and the winner is…


thanks for entering, more give-a-ways soon!

The WSO has been kind enough to furnish us with a pair of tickets for you for tomorrow’s (Saturday March 7th) presentation of Brahms Requiem.

Inspired by the deathe of his mother and Robert Schumann, Ein deutsches Requiem is Brahms’ most accomplished and emotional work.  Featuring the many voices of Soprano Miriam Khalil, Baratone Tyler Duncanm, the WSO Chorus, the University of Windsor Singers and the Women’s Chamber Choir.

Leave a comment (with your e-mail), and tomorow morning we will select a winner and put you name on a pair of tickets.


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Only 10 Days left to enter the WAMM Music Video Contest!

With just ten days left to prepare your entry for the “First Ever WAMM Music Video Contest” we’re here with a few reminders and a few tips.

  • Free 30 day trial of Adobe Premiere Pro: Adobe’s ($799USD) video editing software application is avaliable as a completely free (and legal) 30 day trial from Adobe.  The trial version is full fuctional and easy to lean and use. (Get your free download here.)
  • The new issue of WAMM is out, you know the one you’re required to feature “for at least two (2) seconds, not necessarily in succession” in your video. Find a copy at any of these fine locations.
  • You do still have time to register! For rules, regulations and registration go back to the original announcement, read the rules and register in the comments section.

Now stop mucking about on the computer and get to work on your video!  Good luck!


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From Melbourne, Istanbul, Moscow, Cairo & Windsor it’s Konqistador


Jamie Greer

Reg Tiessen is a man with a load of musical talent and even more ambition. Nothing he touches is done half way and for one night, Windsor is going to be reminded of what we’ve lost. Many moons ago, Reg was part of the driving force that created arguably one of Windsor’s most influential bands of the 1990s, the powerhouse Jimmy Bronco. Jimmy Bronco left such a stain on Windsor’s musical bed sheets that their EP Sexual Appeal of Chicks In Trucks was voted the # 7 best album ever to come out of Windsor, proving the staying power of the project in people’s minds and ears. Following the demise of Jimmy Bronco, it was on to Way Too Gigalo, another powerful rock formation that ruled Windsor’s mean streets for years. Until he fell in love. Reg met Liz Graham, another area musician and one powder keg of a vocalist, and the two immediately began to make music. Liz had been part of a more indie experimental group in the 90s known as Ghoti, but they never seemed to get the recognition becoming of someone with a voice as huge as Liz’s. The duo began a new project, a balls-on bluesy soul unit called Lizzy Girl & The Gin Joints, playing select shows around the area, but their destiny still hadn’t arrived. Soon after, Lizzy Girl was no more and they couple found themselves in the sunshine of Australia. It is here that the story takes a dramatic shift upwards. They’ve now built two completely different yet completely incredible music bands. The first, 72Blues, is an almost Southern fried blues rock band, greasy and sexy, with monster riffs built around Liz’s equally bombastic voice. The second – who will be returning to dazzle Windsor audiences on Friday, March 6th at Phog Lounge (157 University Ave. West) alongside Romanian friends Dekadens, and The Hague’s Venus Flytrap– are the electro-shock world experimentalists Konqistador.

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Electro Surge: is 2009 the year of electronic music in Windsor?


Windsor’s creative class are making vast leaps in a technological direction. Pianists, painters, playwrights and poets are blogging, singers, sculptors and saxophonists are using Twitter, dancers, designers and drummers are online promoting their exhibitions, gigs, and creations. This is due in part to events like January’s ‘Teaching Tech to the Creative Class,’ a ground level, Apple Store-esque event designed to educate and expose artists to the many facets available on the internet with which they can further their art. The local presence on-line has exploded, even WAMM has launched a web version (you are on it). Perhaps this techno-savviness can partly explain the eruption of electronic music in Windsor.

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