Your Phog Phest guide!

Congratulations to Terry Lusk, who has won a pair of tickets to Phog Phest!

Phog Phest is this Saturday and whether who’ve won, bought or stolen tickets or you are planning of steaking out a spot in the free areas you are going. Some of you are planning on staying 13 hours, while others plan to show for a limited portion of the day, either way we present…

The subject to change, times are not guaranteed, 100% unofficial, Phog Phest guide!

Ron Leary & Kelly Hoppe | 1:00pm main stage

Square Root of Margret | 1:30pm main stage

(WH)Y.M.E.(??) | 2:00pm phog stage

Eric Welton Band | 2:30pm phog stage

Tara Watts Band | 3:00pm phog stage

ASK | 3:30pm phog stage

James O-L & the Villains | 4:00pm phog stage

The Locusts Have No King | 4:30pm phog stage

Yellow Wood | 5:00pm main stage

Green Go | 5:30 main stage

Arkells | 6:15pm main stage 

Holy Fuck | 7:00pm main stage

Michou | 8:30pm phog stage

Pat Robitaille | 9:00pm mainstage

Megan Hamilton and The Volunteer Canola | 9:00pm phog stage

Field Assembly | 10:00pm main stage

Peace Leeches | 10:30 phog stage

The Kramdens | 11:00pm main stage

Orphan Choir | 11:30pm phog stage

Fjord Rowboat | 12:00pm main stage

The Pack AD | 12:30am main stage

Citywide Vacuum | 1:00am phog stage

What Seas, What Shores | 1:30am phog stage


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