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Kenyan Charity Show at Kildare packed with Songwriting Heavyweights

Jamie Greer

I recently saw a bill for a show that I think deserves more recognition and attention than what I’ve seen it get and that’s a Charity event at The Kildare House (1880 Wyandotte St. East) on Friday February 27th for Rafiki Kenya.

I’ll get to the line-up in a second, but regardless of the names on the bill, it’s the cause that’s the star of the show.

Rafiki Kenya is a local charity that is hoping to make an impact in people’s lives. An impact that, once fully realized, will help a people realize their own hopes and dreams. In 2003, when the current Kenya government took over, they eliminated tuition fees for plain ol’ regular school. Enrolment went from 60% to nearly 100%, as people from this African nation all took advantage of the need for education. But the massive influx has meant that schools where not in place nor ready to accept this massive surge in enrolment.

Rafiki Kenya has chosen one school to help out personally and this is something I think is commendable. Sure, there are hundreds of schools in Kenya that need help and attention, but if you were to send to an organizaton that broke down contributions and distributed, very little would get done and schools would take forever to improve. Not to mention the chance of the schools actually getting the money. So much aid money is re-routed into the pockets of crooked politicians.

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CBC Radio 3 names Windsor’s Phog Lounge ‘Best Live Music Venue in Canada’

In early February CBC Radio 3 began a contest, sending out their “Searchlight” to find where thousands of CBC listeners think is the best place-with less than 1,000 capacity-to see live music in Canada. In the initial short list (of 114 clubs) only two Windsor venues appeared, The Kildare House & Phog Lounge, and within a week the Kildare was voted out, leaving only one club to carry the Windsor torch, a veritable David to the Goliath clubs in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and beyond. When Phog made the top 50 the downtown scene was buzzing, when they survived the cut down to 20 local media swarmed Phog co-owner Tom Lucier, and when Phog Lounge was announced in the top ten the whole city started talking about “the little orange bar next to the Capitol.” Then at 4:07 on February 25th, on CBC Radio 3, host Grant Lawrence announced “The best live music club in Canada is Phog Lounge in Windsor Ontario!”

Phog Lounge has not only won this incredible honour but, CBC has announced that they will be presenting a line-up of “huge name Canadian acts” in Phog’s adjacent parking lot.

Congratulations Tom, Frank and everyone who made Phog the Best Live Music Club in Canada!

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StereoGoesStellar Set To Release Debut Full-Length

Jamie Greer


2008 was a banner year for Windsor music. Led by now international sensation Neverending White Lights, whose albums continue to soar up charts across the country, collecting Juno and MuchMusicVideo Award nominations and accolades a plenty, followed by the alt. rock success of One Man’s Opinion in the U.S. and on Modern Rock radio, the acclaimed festival showcases of The Golden Hands Before God while touring for their North American wide release, the tireless tours and MuchMusic infiltration of Michou, the late year domination of the North American critics for Fiftywatthead’s latest offering, as well as the onward and upward skyrocketing of Pat Robitaille, Windsor has been striking gold more often than not with its musical ambassadors as they take their wares on the road and the airwaves.

With 2009 only a few months old, I’d like to offer a name for you to remember as a candidate for our Next One. StereoGoesStellar.

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Focus on the Stage: The Live Music Photos of Ron Marston

Paul Hoffman


If you’ve ever been to a live local music event over the last few years, chances are very good that you have spotted photographer Ronald Marston. With his distinctive flatcap and silver beard, Marston darts from venue to venue quaffing pints and snapping photos stageward, amassing a collection numbering in the hundreds nightly.

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WAMM Music Video Contest!

We are proud to present the first ever WAMM Music Video Contest!

Open to anyone (professionals with fancy gear and amateurs filming with cellphones alike) in the Windsor area with the means and creativity to create a short film for a piece of local music. A panel of industry professionals will judge all entries received by the deadline and the winning entries will receive prizes. [prizes TBA]

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Land of Talk20

Stephen Hargreaves


Windsor is set to join Toronto, Chicago, Barcelona, Beirut and other cities worldwide who host evenings of bite-sized spoken information dubbed Talk20.  Presenters are allocated 6 minutes to talk on their chosen subject using no more and no less than 20 slides of their choosing.

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