Congratulations to Terry James, who has won a stack of NEW local albums!

Thanks to all who entered.


Win new albums from The Peace Leeches, The Sunparlour Players, Field Assembly, Yellow Wood, Michou, Vultures! & more!

Enter your details below to enter!



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19 responses to “WIN NEW MUSIC!

  1. Christopher LaJeunesse

    I wanna win!

  2. I would also enjoy winning.

  3. John DeMarco

    Let me win

  4. Terry James

    pick me, I like music!

  5. Linda M

    My CD player is waiting with baited laser!

  6. Steven Medci

    Just bought the new Field Assembly, but I’d love the others

  7. Carly Lucier

    I like these bands :)

  8. Richard Harvey

    ooh, ooh, pick me!

  9. photoblogwait

    Darren B here hoping and wishing

  10. Oh! Oh! pick me!!!

  11. Alex Morneau

    What’s better than a whole bunch of good albums? A whole bunch of good albums owned by me. :)

  12. Jake

    I suppose if I had to I could win.

  13. maketheroad

    If you’re separating these discs for multiple winners, CJAM would love to win a copy of the Vultures! or Michou CDs, as our DJs have been wanting to play them. Although they really should go to the fans.

  14. Rog

    just the other day i was walking down the street, and as i approached two pedestrians, i overheard one say to the other, “check out this winner”….i’m hoping he was a clairvoyant

  15. wamm

    @ Rog, I hope you win just for that comment…
    Though I’m afraid it’s all random.

    The winner will be announced on Monday, cross your fingers!

  16. Nathen

    I want to win please!

  17. Wybenga

    I like to boogie, I like, I like to boogie

  18. Jake

    now that someone has won, can I still win?

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