See the WSO for free this Saturday!


And the winner is…

Andrew Foot of


The magic of movies comes alive with the big, bold sound of a symphony orchestra. Windsor’s Gemini-winning movie composer Michael Plowman takes us through his own films and hosts a special tribute to the king of movie music, John Williams. Bask in Williams’ greatest hits, from movies like Jaws, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List and more, in a sound no movie theatre can match.

Enter your information below for a chance to win a pair of tickets!

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11 responses to “See the WSO for free this Saturday!

  1. Mary S.

    I’d love to enter this! Thanks!

  2. Sergio Mazzotta

    I would love to hear and feel the music.

  3. walter petrichyn

    this looks great, you guys are great!

  4. Excellent! The WSO is a true gem.

    Count me as entered!

  5. Shawn

    I am 24 so symphony is yes

  6. Lauren

    Movies are nothing without their music! Just a few simple notes can instill fear, tension, sadness, joy….John Williams’ music is outstanding. At the movies it’s great, but when you’re completely engulfed by the sound of the symphony setting, you can really get into it. Hope to hear Plowman’s music and his tribute to John Williams!

  7. Rob

    I missed last year’s show and I’d hate to miss it again…

  8. Mike

    Always love the opportunity to see the WSO!

  9. Jeremy Coulter

    Michael Plowman was my first piano teacher before he moved to Vancouver. I would do anything to get to this performance… short of paying for it because I’m pretty broke.

  10. Linda Iler

    A local resource worth introducing to a newbie. I’m not a newbie to the symphony but regretably don’t often put it on my calendar. When my youngest son was a small boy I used to take him #1 to introduce him to new things and #2 so that as an adult he would have a well rounded view of things going on in the city.

  11. please please please.


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