WAMM Music Video Contest Results!

Thanks to all who came out to celebrate out first anniversary and enjoy the entries of our first ever WAMM Music Video contest.  Thanks to some amazing talent the entries were all quite amazing, but in the end there was on clear winner….

Perilelle – Damages | directed by Sean McLeod

Congratulations to Sean McLeod and everyone who worked on the video.

Thanks to photodreamer for this video of Steph Copeland’s acceptance speech

Stay tuned for the full run down of last night’s events including all of the videos.

Thanks to EdCom, Dr.Disc, Phog, all of the directors and artist involved and all of you for your support!



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3 responses to “WAMM Music Video Contest Results!

  1. John DeMarco

    Congratulations – very cool video.

  2. Where can we watch the other entries into the contest?

  3. i was going to put the other clips on youtube but wasn’t sure if you wanted them public. they were posted on facebook more for fun and to make you smile.

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