Only 10 Days left to enter the WAMM Music Video Contest!

With just ten days left to prepare your entry for the “First Ever WAMM Music Video Contest” we’re here with a few reminders and a few tips.

  • Free 30 day trial of Adobe Premiere Pro: Adobe’s ($799USD) video editing software application is avaliable as a completely free (and legal) 30 day trial from Adobe.  The trial version is full fuctional and easy to lean and use. (Get your free download here.)
  • The new issue of WAMM is out, you know the one you’re required to feature “for at least two (2) seconds, not necessarily in succession” in your video. Find a copy at any of these fine locations.
  • You do still have time to register! For rules, regulations and registration go back to the original announcement, read the rules and register in the comments section.

Now stop mucking about on the computer and get to work on your video!  Good luck!



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