CBC Radio 3 names Windsor’s Phog Lounge ‘Best Live Music Venue in Canada’

In early February CBC Radio 3 began a contest, sending out their “Searchlight” to find where thousands of CBC listeners think is the best place-with less than 1,000 capacity-to see live music in Canada. In the initial short list (of 114 clubs) only two Windsor venues appeared, The Kildare House & Phog Lounge, and within a week the Kildare was voted out, leaving only one club to carry the Windsor torch, a veritable David to the Goliath clubs in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and beyond. When Phog made the top 50 the downtown scene was buzzing, when they survived the cut down to 20 local media swarmed Phog co-owner Tom Lucier, and when Phog Lounge was announced in the top ten the whole city started talking about “the little orange bar next to the Capitol.” Then at 4:07 on February 25th, on CBC Radio 3, host Grant Lawrence announced “The best live music club in Canada is Phog Lounge in Windsor Ontario!”

Phog Lounge has not only won this incredible honour but, CBC has announced that they will be presenting a line-up of “huge name Canadian acts” in Phog’s adjacent parking lot.

Congratulations Tom, Frank and everyone who made Phog the Best Live Music Club in Canada!

for more see: http://www.cbcradio3.com



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3 responses to “CBC Radio 3 names Windsor’s Phog Lounge ‘Best Live Music Venue in Canada’

  1. bob labute

    What about there phries . they’re pretty damn good too.

    congrats guys

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