Focus on the Stage: The Live Music Photos of Ron Marston

Paul Hoffman


If you’ve ever been to a live local music event over the last few years, chances are very good that you have spotted photographer Ronald Marston. With his distinctive flatcap and silver beard, Marston darts from venue to venue quaffing pints and snapping photos stageward, amassing a collection numbering in the hundreds nightly.


Blut at the Chubby Pickle (R.Marston)

The Peace Leeches

The Peace Leeches at The Loop (R.Marston)

[This show is devoted to,] “anybody who’s ever sweated on stage for the audience who has shown up to see them play.”

-Ron Marston

From February 15th until the end of the month, Marston’s live music photography will be on display at Phog Lounge. Dubbed, Focus on the Stage: Photographs of Windsor’s Music Scene, Marston’s showcase features a selection of photos of local bands and touring acts that have performed on various stages across Windsor. Marston says that the show is devoted to, “anybody who’s ever sweated on stage for the audience who has shown up to see them play.”


Sledgehammer at The Coach & Horses (R.Marston)

An opening reception is to be held on February 21st at Phog Lounge, with performances by Windsor’s own Merry Ellen, Vultures! and Sledgehammer. Join a man who has become as integral a part of the Windsor music scene as the musicians themselves, and check out how well he has managed to capture some of the very best national and local talent that has rocked this town over the last few years.

See some of Ron Marston’s work here.


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