Land of Talk20

Stephen Hargreaves


Windsor is set to join Toronto, Chicago, Barcelona, Beirut and other cities worldwide who host evenings of bite-sized spoken information dubbed Talk20.  Presenters are allocated 6 minutes to talk on their chosen subject using no more and no less than 20 slides of their choosing.

Talk20 is not a lecture but a gathering, an open forum for the dissemination of ideas in art, architecture and design. It provides an open stage for artists and designers to informally present their work and ideas to a greater audience. Produced in cities around the world, Talk20 seeks to spark a conversation across ideological, geographic, and disciplinary boundaries. Talk20 is curating a roster of professionals, educators, and students working across the fields of spatial practice including art, media, architecture, urbanism, and landscape. Talk20 has emerged as a live catalogue of contemporary creative production that seeks to instigate a conversation within and without the design community. As an event, Talk20 looks to promote the cross pollination of ideas and work, while becoming a worldwide seismograph of culture.

Organised locally by knitter/artist Jodi Green, the first Windsor edition of Talk20 will take place February 19th at Artcite Inc, beginning at 7:30pm and will feature six or seven speakers’ dissertations on or around the subject of urban life.  Orators include; Andrew Foot on architecture, Mita Williams, Broken City Lab‘s Justin Langlois, Scale Down‘s Chris Holt on urban planning, Pina Ciotoli, and Phog owner Tom Lucier on psychogeography initiatives.

“We’re hoping this event won’t be a one-time thing,” says Green, who is already planning Windsor’s second Talk20, themed Biodigital and Analog Bodies. “We’re well on our way to establishing an ongoing series.”

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5 responses to “Land of Talk20

  1. This site is so bad-ass, I don’t kow what to say.
    I’m so proud of you Stephen for doing this.
    It looks amazing.
    Another MAJOR step in the right direction for you.
    Your writers should be thanking you endlessly for moving to this format.

  2. Thanks for the plug!

    Just to clarify, the next installment is being organized by Tagny Duff, an instructor at the University of Windsor’s School of Visual Arts, in conjunction with her senior time-based art class.

  3. lyle76

    congrats on the new online version, Stephen!

  4. Erik I

    Very interesting…i’m going to keep tabs on this for sure…
    Ambitious, I love it.

  5. Ray-Jay-Johnson

    I agree with Tom.
    This site is bad-ass.
    Now I wont have to go to the Phog Lounge anymore to pick-up a copy.
    I can just stay at home and read it on-line:)

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