Karma Chameleons: “Eye Candy” Fashion Show Re-Styles Friday the 13th

Kate Hargreaves


Walking under a ladder is only unlucky if it hits you on the head. Black cats are dangerous if they trip you up and you break your leg, and breaking a mirror is pretty dicey only if you lose track of the shards of glass inches from your bare feet.

That said, this Friday the 13th, don’t lock yourself at home and fear for all the horrible things that could happen!  Instead, turn your luck around and check out the “Eye Candy” fashion show taking place at Phog Lounge.

“We have some unique ideas for the ways in which we’re presenting our clothes,”

-Vanessa Hughes (fashion designer)

Justin Bondy

Petey the Troll designs, photo: Justin Bondy

Following on the great success of the Grandstand Fashion Shows, which packed their venues each of their four dates, “Eye Candy” promises to be the next evolution in Windsor DIY Fashion.  Conceived by Vanessa Hughes, half of Windsor fashion design team Petey the Troll, “Eye Candy” also features Dilly Daisy by Dee-Dee Shkreli, Rejected by Megan Philbin, and the screenprinted comics of “Is this too real for you?” by Rachel K. Olsen.

Hughes says she decided to plan another fashion show because of her positive experiences with Grandstand.  “We [Hughes, Shkreli, and Meaghan Biddle, Hughes’ design partner] were involved in the Grandstand Fashion shows before the organizers moved out of Windsor and we always had a good time,” says Hughes.  “We’ve been thinking a while about trying to organize one ourselves.”

She got in touch with Shkreli and started pulling the show together.  “We’ve been doing these shows for years,” says

Clothing and Jewelry designed by Dilly Daisy, model Kato

Clothing and Jewellery designed by Dilly Daisy.

Shkreli, “and they are always a great turnout and great fun.”

The line-up for “Eye Candy” is considerably different than that of the Grandstand shows, with the departure of Robin Angell of Ludo & Pig and Amy Snook of the *stillmoving line.   Despite the unavailability of these designers, Shkreli is optimistic about “Eye Candy’s” role in the changing and growing Windsor DIY fashion scene.  “We’re hoping to keep bringing in new designers for future shows,” she says, noting that “the whole point of the show is to promote DIY and us indie fashion girls.”

Known for her own brightly coloured and vintage-inspired Dilly Daisy designs, Shkreli says the “Eye Candy” show will feature a variety of styles.  “People can expect to see lots of different styles of clothing this time, and gorgeous girls wearing them as usual.  The clothing will range from bright and funky to gothic and silk-screened tees,” she says. “A little something for everyone.”

“We have some unique ideas for the ways in which we’re presenting our clothes,” adds Hughes.  Before hitting the stage at the Coach that night, (wh)y.m.e.(??), along with Furs, will provide the soundtrack for the models to take on the catwalk.

With all designs appearing on the runway available for sale after the show, last-minute Valentine’s shoppers will find themselves in luck.  Along with the chance to pick up something completely original for your sweetheart, you can reverse any bad Friday the 13th karma because profits from your five dollar cover go to a Relief Fund in Thailand.

“There’s going to be good music, lots of talented designers and artists and beautiful models,” says Hughes.  “What could possibly be more fun?”

Let a catwalk cross your path at the “Eye Candy” fashion show, Friday, February 13th at Phog Lounge.  There’s a $5 charity cover at the door, and if past fashion shows are any guide to go by, get there early or you won’t get in!

go deeper: www.myspace.com/peteythetroll & www.dillydaisy.com,


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One response to “Karma Chameleons: “Eye Candy” Fashion Show Re-Styles Friday the 13th

  1. I just want to say that having a WAMM website is fantastic. It’s officially added to my daily blog reading. It’ll be so much easier for people who aren’t downtown regularly (ie. me) to know what’s going on and come out for things.

    Keep up the good work!

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